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The component that appeals to the majority of members, and public alike, is the Battle Group. As such, we have a military branch that has been established along side the general ranking system. The main objective of the Military Branch is to provide an organized progression and recognition for those members participating regularly in the Red Stag Battle Group. Therefore, all Battle Group rules and requirements as outlined in the Members Handbook apply to each of these rankings.


There are no gender restrictions to acquiring titles in the Military Branch.


It is important to understand that we are trying to kept the medieval atmosphere which can be easily destroyed by too much modern influence so it is best to keep those elements minimal. Some allowances are allotted if one of the Stewards permits.



Sign in – each member is responsible for signing in before the event starts.



  • All battles will be directed by the battle commanders who will direct the activities, watch for hazards or hazardous situations, and direct and or stop the activities as needed.

  • Is open to anyone, members and guest, 12 years of age or older.

  • No one under the influence of alcohol, or otherwise impaired will be allowed to participate in any of the Red Stags activities.

  • No foul language will be tolerated.

  • No demonstrations of poor sportsmanship.

  • Always treat other participants with respect.

  • The Red Stags Staff reserves the right to refuse access to anyone for any reason.

  • NO sword play between battles



  • A guest is anyone who is not a member of the Red Stags Fellowship.

  • Any Red Stags member may bring any number of guests.

  • The Red Stags members are responsible for the actions of their guests.

  • The Red Stags members will receive one Prestige Point for each guest they bring.

  • Guests do not accumulate Prestige Points.

  • Any guest wishing to participate in Battle Group may do so by signing a waiver form and paying the appropriate fees.

  • Each guest will be assigned to a Red Stags mentor

  • Guests may only fight as a “Serf”, meaning they would be using a short sword with no shield or armor.

  • Guests may NOT fight alone on the battlefield. If their mentor is killed, they must leave the battlefield along with their mentor.

The Red Stags Battle Group uses real armor and foam/latex weapons to recreate the feel of the medieval battle. Members try to hit the opponent in the hit zone to eliminate them.


The hit zone is the area below the neck and above the knees and elbows. Anyone landing a blow with a weapon or missile in this area has scored a hit.


Different types of armor can be combined but the lowest protection factor will apply to all hit zones. The armor's protection number, known also as hit points, is the amount of damage it will protect you from. The hits received may be by the same or different opponents equaling the number of hit points of the armor.

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